Today we announce that All I Really Want will be shutting down. The website will be taken down August 31, 2016. We would like to thank all of our members for using All I Really Want and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please take this time to save your gift lists and ideas.



It happens to each of us at least once a year.

Maybe on a birthday, maybe on Valentine's Day, or maybe over the holidays. You spend hours and hours, searching the web, or scouring the stores looking for the perfect gift for that special person.

After days of mulling it over, you're feeling pretty confident that you've finally found the perfect present. After all, your special someone has been dropping hints left and right and you've been listening.

So you make your purchase, top it with a bow, and brace yourself for the big moment. Surely you've found the perfect present. Surely they'll be delighted.

Your loved one looks at the gift, eyes beaming with anticipation, excitement written all over their face...

And then... BAM!

The ultimate buzz kill.

All of the sudden he or she is trying to mask the unmistakable look of utter disappointment. Riddled with guilt, and forcing a smile, they blurt out "THANK YOU! THIS IS GREAT!" But you know it isn't true. The truth is that they hate your crummy gift. In fact, they are already searching the gift wrapping for a return receipt.

You're left wondering where you went wrong. If only they could have just told you what they really wanted.

ALL I REALLY WANT, was created by two friends who got tired of giving and receiving the wrong gifts. We wanted to take the guesswork out of gift giving by allowing people to see and to share wish lists. So we created a website where you can do exactly that.

Try it for yourself and see. It's easy.


ALL I REALLY WANT lets you give and receive the perfect gift on every occasion by allowing you to create and share wish lists. Instead of guessing what someone wants, you can ask for their wish list and see for yourself. Instead of dropping hints about what you'd love to have, you can share your wish list with anyone you like.

Step 1: Create a profile

Step 2: Find things that you like and add them to your list

Step 3: Share your list with anyone you want by simply cutting and pasting the link into an email, or posting to Twitter or Facebook!

That's it! Three simple steps and you'll be smarter than Santa!


Jessica deGuardiola
Regan Communications